Skiathos Somnia
Skiathos Town, 37002
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Skiathos Island

Skiathos island is specially lighted.
It bred many intellectuals and made its own history during the Ottoman rule with its boat yards, its hundred and ten sailing ships and its monasteries.
A hermitage and base of operations at the same time, Skiathos contributed to the cultural history of modern Greece with Alexandros Papadiamandis, Alexandros Moraitidis and other eminent intellectuals and scientists.

Today, Skiathos preserves its authenticity, its picturesque scenery, its character.
Verdurous, beautiful, with numerous beaches waits for the visitors to slowly reveal its grace to them.
Its residents, naturally creative, have become one with the characteristics of their race. They welcome visitors cordially, with open heart and souls. In this island, old and new elements mix harmoniously.
Monasteries and xoklisia (small isolated churches), old, full of history, fortresses and monuments, old mansions, stand next to big or small modern hotels.

Spectacular beaches, where the pines reflect into the crystal clear blue sea. Caves and rocks with unique shapes carved by their continuous struggle against the sea for all their life, within the centuries.
Traveling along the road on the slope, you admire the sea’s unique colors. You bend a little, so as to avoid the branches of the huge trees, which have taken the shape of a wonderful roof over the road.

Unique colorful pictures overwhelm the visitors and calm the soul.
You stop at the beach, bathe in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the sea breeze and express your gratitude to the Creator. Beautiful mermaids swim in these beaches, old monasteries are found everywhere and the traces of a world monk are everywhere.

Here, everything is beautiful and magical: the small boats that leave their white traces behind them in the sea, the old man who cleans his fishing nets at the dock, the traveler who rests at his sailing ship, the seagulls, the living brush-strokes on the air, the boisterous crowd in Papadiamandis street, Ai-Nikolas’ church on the top which blends with the sky and waves to the boats on the horizon.
This is a unique place. Flooded with the majesty of the eminent men who lived here, Skiathos bears until today a unique nobleness which constantly charms.

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