Skiathos Somnia
Skiathos Town, 37002
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Tour in Skiathos

When leaving the town behind, we take the regional street that leads to the south-east side of the island, to Koukounaries. The street extends along the coastal area. The view is splendid. On the left there is the sea, the offshore islands, boats that come and go, ketches that transfer the visitors at the beaches, marine sports that draw splendid shapes on the waves. Hotels and taverns of unique aesthetics, magnificent premises call on the visitors. On the road’s edges, the forestal trees bend and reflect on the waves. At times, they form a wall over the head, thus creating shade during summer. The trees reflect in the waves and you feel as if you gaze at a painting lay over the sea’s surface. When leaving the town of Skiathos, we meet the regions of Mytikas, Vasilias (3 km), bight of Ahladia and Tzaneries. Ahladia beach is about 2,5 kilometers away from the town and can be reached by either a bus or boat. Tzaneries beach is ideal for marine sports and all the guests of the nearby hotels visit it. 6,5 kilometers away from the city, the wonderful Kanapitsa peninsula pops up, with its cottages, restaurants and hotels. The […]

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