Skiathos Somnia
Skiathos Town, 37002
+30-6945393366 | +357-99643599

    From May to October, Skiathos receives direct flights, normally under Chartered operations from most major European cities. Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Berlin, Belgrade, Goetenborg, Zurich, Manchester, London, Munich, Oslo, Oysseldorf, Stavanger, Stockholm, Stutgard, ?rontheim, Frankfurt. Although these flights are geared mostly towards the package tourist, a certain amount of seats are open to independent travellers. Enquire about flights with your local travel agent.
    Bus connections leave the center of Athens (Kanigos Square) and take passengers to Agios Konstantinos from where hydrofoils and boats leave regularly for the island of Skiathos. The journey time for the bus and hydrofoil is approximately 4 hours in total. The duration for a journey with one’s own car/bus and the ferry (hydrofoils do not take cars, thus resulting in a longer journey time) is approximately 6 hours. There is also a direct daily flight from Athens to Skiathos with Olympic Air ( The flight time is 35 minutes and it is strongly recommended that reservations are made in advance. Tel. 0030 2103530000, 0030 2109666666, 0030 2109369111 - Tel. Skiathos Airport: 0030 2427022948 and 0030 2427022229
    Port Police of Ag. Konstantinos. tel. 0030 2235031759 You can reserve your seat on the bus, through the travel agency "ALKYON" on 97 Akademias Street on Kanigos Square. The telephone numbers for reservations are as follows: 0030210 – 3843202, 003010 3832545, 0030210 – 3843220. You can also look at the following sites for boat timetables and on – line reservations:,,,,
    During the summer months, there are ferry and hydrofoil connections between Skiathos and the ports of Volos, Agios Konstantinos, Kimi and Thessaloniki. Volos is the nearest port to Skiathos. Travel time with a hydrofoil takes an hour and a half and with a ferry, the travel time is two and a half hours. Also there is transportation of hydroplane from Volos harbour every day. For timetable information and reservations, please contact the following agencies in Volos, on 0030 24210 23415 or 0030 24210 35846. Port Police of Volos tel. 0030 2421028888 Skiathos agencies can be found on 0030 24270 22209, 0030 24270 22750. Alternatively, this information can be found on – line on,
    Small Crafts: Skopelos - Alonissos Departure from port at 9.30 - 10.00 Arrival at 16.00 - 17.00 Round of Skiathos Departure from port at 9.30 - 10.00 Arrival at 17.00 - 17.30 Stops: 1 hour Lalaria 1 hour Kastro 1 hour Aselinos or Vromolimnos or Pilio Tsougrias island Departure from port at 10.00 - 13.00 Arrival at 17.00 - 18.00 (every 60') Dolphins: You can access Skiathos by dolphin through the following ports: Thessaloniki, Volos, Trikeri island, Agios Konstantinos, Alonissos, Skopelos (Glossa), Skopelos, Agios Konstantinos