Skiathos Somnia
Skiathos Town, 37002
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The founding of the monastery is related to the finding of the icon, around the end of the 17th century. Many legends are heard about the holy icon. It is called “Kounistra” (the Greek word for swingable) because it was revealed in a miraculous way, on a branch of a tree, swinging in the air.

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Kastro is the site of the medieval capital of the island. The walled town was built in the 14th century and eventually after much travail abounded in 1829 with the foundation of Independent Greek State. The restored Church of Christ gives you an opportunity to view some unique wall paintings of post Byzantine art.

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Moni Evangelistrias

Moni Evangelistria was founded during the Byzantine period (1790-1860), it is surrounded by beautiful country side. With three domes a truly magnificent iconostasis and many frescos, it gives strangers to the Greek church an idea of the strength and power that once held the people of Greece in such thrall.

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