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Skiathos literary Men

Alexandros Papadiamandis “The poet of prose” according Kostis Palamas, is aggregated among the most distinguished Greek writers of modern Greece.
He was born in March 4, 1851, in Skiathos, and died there, too. His deep love for his homeland, God and humans is most obvious in his work in general. Hundreds of articles and studies have been written for his work.
In 2001, several important events were held in honor of the 90 years from his death, and the 150 years from his birth date. His father, Adamantios Emmanouil was a priest; his mother came from a noble family whose origin was Morias; his cousin Alexandros Moraitidis had the same origin, too.
He was first sent to study in Chalkis high school, Piraeus afterwards and when he interrupted his studies, he went to Mount Athos, and finished his studies, in the philosophy faculty of Athens University. He worked as a translator of the English literature mainly and as a journalist.
His autobiography is worth reading: “as a child, I used to paint saints, or write lyrics. I also tried to write comedies. In 1868 I attempted to write a novel. In 1874 I enrolled myself in the philosophy faculty of Athens University, where, I chose to attend a few literature lessons. At the same time, I was studying foreign languages by myself.”
In 1881 The Emigrant was published, a piece of work with Neologos of Constantinople and a religious poem in Savior magazine. In 1882 The Merchants of Nations was published in Keep in touch magazine.
Later, I wrote about 100 stories which were published in various magazines and newspapers. He was a copious and modest writer. He wrote 176 short stories with Skiathos to figure prominently in his work. His homeland’s nature, sea, monuments and residents were his source of inspiration for his work.

Alexandros Moraitidis was born in Skiathos in 1850.
He finished his elementary education on the island and the two grades of the Hellenic School. In 1866 he moved to Athens. alexandros_moraitidis
In 1871 he graduated from Varvakion high school and enrolled to the philosophy faculty of Athens University.
In 1872 he became a regular member of the Philosophy Association “Parnassos” and in 1874 he started working as a journalist. In 1880 he was appointed as a teacher in Varvakion high school and a year after he was granted a Ph.D.
He traveled many times to the Holy Land, Constantinople and Mount Athos.
In 1901 he got married in Athens to Aggeliki Foulaki.
In 1921 he was awarded the National Aristeion (Prize) of Arts and Letters and in January 1928 he became a member of the Academy of Athens. In 1929 he became a monk and was given the name Andronikos; he got sick and died in October of the same year.
Moraitidis cultivated all kinds of literature. His work was inspired and characterized by a particular lyricism, deep religiousness and love for Skiathos.
He was Papadiamandis cousin, whom he accompanied in vigils as a vicar in Aghios Elissaios’ church, which no longer exists.

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